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Yoga at Home
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Wherever you are on your healing journey, whether you are looking to navigate the highs and lows of your life, to evolve in your relationships or grow in your business, I am here to hold you.

We are intuitive beings and learning to connect to our truth and who we are at core level is the greatest gift you could give yourself.

When you understand yourself at such a deep level you recognise unhealthy patterns that limit you in your life and business and you can confidently show it the door!!


We are always going through the different stages of healing. Understanding and identifying each level and what to expect at each phase has been a total game changer for me. 


It has allowed me to fully trust myself, given me the confidence to process what’s coming up without questioning my ability, and continuously and consciously connect to my power and truth.


I use a combination of Energy work and spiritual tools to cultivate I  basic foundations that fully equip you on your healing journey and I am delighted to hold space to share and teach you these skills.

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Introduction to Akashic Records

Online Workshop

Live online workshop to learn 'how to' access your Akashic Records

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Permission to BE

6 Week Group Coaching Program

Master your energy and cultivate the simple foundations to expand and evolve in your life


1:1 Mentoring 

3 month container

6 bespoke 1:1 sessions to provide you with what you need to create positive change


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