5 Day No Sugar Challenge 

New challenge date available soon

Sugar is in everything, not just in your cakes and cookies. Being aware of what you put into your body is important for amazing health. Sugar can zap your natural energy, encourage cravings, and addictions.

Break the sugar craving cycle once and for all.


From Monday 5th November, let me support you to elimimate refined sugar for 5 days. I'll help you to focus on eating real whole food so that you enjoy the benefits of feeling healthier, energised and in control of your cravings.

Challenge date available soon

This challenge will encourage you to eliminate refined sugar for 5 days, helping you on your journey to kicking the sugar habit. 

Join the challenge and you will receive:

  • The much loved Recipe High Five eBook containing over 50 simple breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes

  • 5 day sample menu

  • Shopping list

  • Daily emails of support during the challenge

  • The Ultimate Guide to Kicking Your Sugar Habit

  • Accountability and further support on the Facebook community RESET YOUR DIET 

  • Live Q&A on RESET YOUR DIET Community 

  • Free entry into the end of challenge prize draw (conditions apply)



Break the sugar craving cycle once and for all with the 5 day no sugar challenge.


Recipe High Five

Simple, tasty, and healthy meals using only 5 key ingredients and in 5 easy to follow steps 

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Support Guide

The Utimate Guide to Kicking Your Sugar Habit which includes my 5 top tips to getting refined sugar out your life.

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Community Support

Join the Facebook Community for additional support and encouragement. Join me there for my Live Q&A


About the Challenge Creator

Hi, I'm Hailey the founder of Your Health Angel and I encourage positive changes through healthy eating. When you eat better you feel better, and when you feel better you are encouraged to make more positive changes in your life. 

I am the creator of a healthy eating weight loss programme Diet Disrupter, an online programme that helps to nourish the body, lose excess weight and inches, and focuses on health without following traditional dieting methods. I also developed The BODY RESET Challenge, a 10 day programme that works towards helping to reduce bloating, reclaiming energy, and kickstart weight loss.


I'm the author of 2 Recipes eBooks: Recipe High Five that provides simple, healthy and tasty meals using just 5 key ingredients and in 5 easy to follow steps. Also, I recently launched Healthy Every Day which provides recipes to help you eat well and stay healthy every day.

I'm a certified Nutritional Therapist and a Healthy Chef. I love food and I love cooking and regularly provide cooking demonstrations and enjoy live cooking. I was a regular chef on STV's award winning Live At Five lifestyle programme demonstrating how quick and easy my delicious recipes are. I want to show you that eating healthy can be very simple.  

Details of the next 5 Day No Sugar Challenge available soon