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Release inner blocks and align your energies to receive

Immersive 1:1 healing to help you to locate and release the inner blocks that have been holding back your flow of abundance…whether this is love, money, opportunities, clients or spiritually. 

Are you an spiritual woman in business who:


✔️ plays small and doesn't have the results you want in your business, which affects your confidence 


✔️ money and clients don’t seem to flow easily and the pressure is weighing down your energy


✔️ signs up for course after course and feel that if you do just ‘one more course’ to add to your CV then that’ll make the difference BUT you still don’t feel you’re enough


✔️ feels that you’re following all the manifestation ‘rules’, you’re positive and high vibe BUT something is still not clicking


✔️ you’re a people pleaser so you over-give, can’t say no, but then feel frustrated and burnt out


✔️ feels like you go round in circles and want to get to the root of why you self-sabotage your own success and desires


✔️ are scared to fully put yourself out there incase you're not good enough

Did you know your inner traumas are manifesting your reality?

Whether you’re struggling to attract paying clients, the love of your life, or the life of your dreams, it’s the imprints of these traumas that you are holding on to that is blocking you. 


You are operating from a place and manifesting based on being wounded. 


So your energy will be of one of a people pleaser, over-giver, people pleaser, I don’t need help, I’m not good enough..this becomes your perpetual loop that will leave you feeling exhausted, empty and you asking ‘how about me?’


By breaking through and healing these wounds you release and let go of the blocks and lower vibrations that create the resistance and stop you from growing and receiving…


receiving dream soul clients, receiving on time payments, receiving love, receiving opportunities, receiving growth.

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Healing helps you to understand who you are and brings you back into alignment with your truth.


When you are living in true alignment you are the leader in your life.  You live by YOUR RULES and are in complete flow.  Life, love and business feels easy.


We are all abundant beings.


We are meant to be relaxed and free flowing. 


Let’s create the space you need.  To release, heal and receive.


Let's awaken and align your energies to receiving the higher vibrational frequencies such as money, abundance, love, opportunties, pleasure, joy…

During this intensive we will deep dive and explore where your inner blocks are holding you back. 


The transformation is rapid so you need to be ready to break through these blocks and heal your inner wounds.  In doing so you will:

✨ Understand how and why you are holding your abundance away

✨ Guide you to release your inner blocks and to open up to confidently receiving 

✨ Heal your inner wounds and activate your flow of success 

✨ Awaken and align your energies to receiving what is rightfully yours in this lifetime

✨ Feel empowered to play big in your life and your business

✨ Confidently step into your truth in your zone of genius

The 1:1 Awaken to Abundance is
held over a 2 month container and will include:

⭐️ 1 x 90 min deep dive session

⭐️ 5 x 75 min sessions

⭐️ Direct access via Voxer (Mon-Fri)

Investment: £888

(or 2 instalments of £499)

Message me on Instagram to get signed up!

Expect miracles to occur in your life.

Your wishes and desires are manifesting and coming to fruition in your life!

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Hi, I'm Hiu Yu (aka Hailey) and I'm a Spiritual Business Coach & Healer. 

I am so passionate about the healing process, realigning people with their Soul, and awakening them to feeling free and living an abundant and purposeful.
I am trained and qualified in a range of different healing modalities and channel various energy vibrations to help clients to clear the imprints of inner traumas, remove low level vibrations, and cut energetic cords from all lifetimes, dimensions and realities to help them to heal and reconnect with their soul.

3 years ago I was struggling in my business.  I was so passionate about my message and helping others that I had left my safe corporate job of 16 years.


I was so passionate, but everything I created just didn’t quite get the sales I wanted!! From online courses, 1:1 client sessions, challenges, and group programmes. 


I thought it was my marketing strategy, my small online presence, my pricing, my mindset, my profile… so, I focused on all the things that would help me with that. 

I did collaborations, radio interviews, spoke at networking events & schools and even got a chef slot cooking live on TV (that was an incredible experience and so much fun). 


I invested in business coaches, law of attraction mentors, took online courses, and took part in exhibitions.  My services were constantly ‘on offer’ or I gave freebies to try and encourage sales.

I was putting out energetically and financially and just not receiving the return of my efforts. My energies were intense and I felt frustrated and a failure. I also felt the pressure of having to return to the corporate world.


18 months ago I was introduced to Energy work when I met my amazing Spiritual Teacher and incorporated it into my business. I learned about Energy Healing and using energy vibrations to release blocks in the body. It felt lovely to begin with to realign my energies and feel refreshed. 


The more healing I took responsibility of, the deeper it went, and the more inner wounds and traumas surfaced. In breaking through and releasing these inner blocks I noticed it positively affected my life and my business.  


I really connected with myself.  I unpicked and understood why I was playing small, why I was a people pleaser, why I sabotaged my own efforts, why I didn’t feel like I was ever enough!

By taking the responsibility of healing I aligned my energies to the flow of abundance, understood myself on a whole new level, and opened myself up to releasing and receiving.

I have gone from wondering when my next client was going to come in every month to being fully booked out a month in advance! From struggling to keep my business afloat to confidently growing my business at pace.

I am in complete flow and I am awakened to abundance.

Are you ready to AWAKEN TO ABUNDANCE?

Drop me a message on Instagram and let's get you signed up.