I have discovered that for some, one coaching session is enough as the catalyst for positive change. The session will help you to identify the blocks that are holding you back in your life and health. 

🔯 Sessions are through Zoom and will last 90 minutes

🔯 We'll dig deep to identify your main struggles impacting you life/health

🔯 I'll provide you with tools and a plan of action to help you move forward

🔯 You'll receive an online Energy Healing session to help you clear your blocks and realign your energy

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During the BREAKTHROUGH SESSION I will help you to:

💟 identify what is holding you back

💟 recognise the blocks that halts your progress

💟 work out the best course of action to benefit your body, mind & soul

💟 shift your mindset, clear your blocks, realign your energy so you can move forward in a positive way.



Thank you so much for our chat yesterday, It was so helpful and has given me a better understanding of what I  need to do...

Through very natural conversation, Hailey helped me to identify underlying feelings which were contributing to negative emotions. Taking one at a time she suggested practical exercises and really helped me find a sense of belief that life is here to be enjoyed

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend one-to-one coaching with Hailey. She has a really natural sense of intuition about emotions and feelings, and really helped me to remove my feelings of anxiety

Let's break free together. Book in for your BREAKTHROUGH SESSION today