Charge for your gift,
guilt free!

We’re all in business to make money but we all play too small, undercharge, feel guilty for charging, link our price to our worth (and many times we’re still working on our self worth so you end up charging not a lot but over give!)

Get ready for this next level alignment and activation workshop. Feel empowered, gain clarity and confidence to charge or increase your prices for your services and make money in your business, guilt free.  

Date: Thursday 21st October

Time: 7.30pm - 9.30pm

Energy Exchange: £149

Replay available if you can't attend live.

This workshop is for you if:

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  • You're currently not signing clients. You wait hoping your DM's ping with your dream client wanting to work with you!

  • Even when you do get enquiries you recoil and feel so uncomfortable about sharing how much it is to work with you!


  • You bury your head in the sand when it comes to making money in your business!


  • You feel your gift is given to you for free and you shouldn't be charging for it! 


  • You have been sitting at the same price point for years, undercharging for your services but have fear and guilt about upping your prices!

If you’re looking for business strategy or business planning then this is NOT the workshop for you. 
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This workshop is all about your energy:

✨ Your energy alignment

✨ Understanding how each of your energy centres help you in your business business


✨ Aligning and connecting you to your power centre 


✨ Power centre healing and activation giving you absolute confidence when talking about your prices and offering.

money, money, money...

Let's be honest, you will want to attend this workshop if you are riddled with self doubt when you put your offer out or the question of 'how much' makes you feel feel so uncomfortable. 


Making money is THE reason you're in business so if talking about money makes you feel icky or you feel guilty for charging, that's the reason why you're NOT making the money you want. 


The workshop will help you debunk the current beliefs about money and open your consciousness to money.

I’ll be sharing my technique for neutralising your money beliefs that have been holding you back in your business.


I'll guide you to create new empowering beliefs about money, the energy of money,  the purpose of money, making money in your business, and how money is there to truly serve you. 

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Are you on the sidelines?​

Now here’s the crux. If you feel guilty about charging for your services, likelihood is you also feel guilty about investing in yourself!! 


I am committed to providing that incredible energy shift to the beautiful souls who are ready for it! 

When you make that commitment... will be joined by the incredible energy of other souls who have taken the step to take control and disempower the guilt and create the proximity to make more money in your business.


Money is simply energy and likes to have a purpose, so when you invest intentionally you always receive it back in some other way i.e. through clients, rebates, money back, gifts etc.  I’ll share more about the energy of money during this workshop. 


If you’re fully committed to making more money in your business and charge for your services guilt free, then this workshop is for you. 


Be prepared to open your consciousness, align and activate your energy to give you confidence to charge for your gift, guilt free and make money in your business.  


Don’t miss out!