Wednesday 23rd of June at 8pm.

ONLY £33

Regular healing is an investment in you and a foundation for spiritual and personal growth.  Energy healing is very intuitive so it will provide you with exactly what you need at the time of the session.


You may need the feelings of anxiety, stress and overwhelm to be replaced by feelings of calmness and clarity of mind.


Your energy centres may require unblocking and balancing.


You may be ready to release emotional and negative blocks.


You may be in need of spiritual guidance


You may need some healing to ascend to the next level of spiritual growth.


Whatever it is you need every healing session helps you to connect back to yourself and ascends you to the next level of whatever you are needing in your life and business.

Join me as I hold sacred space for your healing journey. 


I will start each Group Healing Circle with Heart-Centred connection. Your heart is an incredibly powerful portal.


You heart has 40,000 or so specialised cells confirming in a way that creates a neural network in the heart.


They’re like brain cells but not in the brain, but the heart. This means your heart has it’s own nervous system and intuitive abilities.


The heart has an intelligence that is linked to wisdom, intuition and truth so whatever guidance comes from your heart will always be guiding you to your highest good.


I will then continue the session by channelling Reiki Healing Energy to you so I will invite you to surrender to the energies and guidance that will come through for you.


I will also connect in and provide a some short guidance for you too and end the session holding space for you to share your experience or if you have any questions.

On Demand Reiki will be available to purchase for £20 on Thursday 24th June.