Your BEST BODY Kickstart 

Starts 11th May at 11am

It's time to leap and love your body

Do you know you could be resisting having the body you want simply by hating your journey? Yip, your thoughts and feelings become your reality so if you're finding your diet tough, you'll never escape that cycle. 


Are you ready to drop the diet struggle? Looking for an alternative way to feeling and looking your best? You want to make changes but you don't want another difficult fad diet?

I can totally relate with you as I have been there and I have created Your BEST BODY Kickstart to give you the tools and practices to help you drop the struggle, align yourself to health and achieve your best body!

💖 Discover a new perspective on looking and feeling great

💖 Gain confidence and approach your health with ease

💖 Feel happy and fabulous with the body you're in





 I never thought that I would ever get to where I am now, being so comfortable with my body, confident in my clothes,  having MY best body and being so aligned to health.

I spent the best part of my life on diets desperate to lose a few pounds, lose the thunder thighs, shrink my bum, tone my stomach.... really wanting a different body. I would pour over glossy mags envious of the 'perfect' bodies that I saw, which made me feel worse. So, I would eat junk to make me feel better, which only made me feel guilty and bad about myself.

And so the cycle would start...


I would starve my body, put it through punishing workouts, go on every single FAD diet (twice or more) and hated every moment of it. I would tell my thighs how much they were letting me down and how much I hated my bum.  I was so self conscious of it that I thought that people were pointing at my legs and laughing at them. I know, who would actually do's so irrational but then you focus so much on something it rules your life and I know that now.  

Being at my best health and having best body is the best feeling in the world. I love who I am. I love how I feel, and I love how I look and it all changed for me when I just dropped the struggle, aligned myself to health and approached things differently. 

I understand how it feels to be so uncomfortable in your clothes and how hard the diet struggle is and I truly believe that if we just simply change the narrative in our heads, love our journey, eat those high vibe foods and align ourselves to health then YOUR best body is possible for you too.   

💫 Imagine being comfortable and confident in your skinny jeans and wear what YOU want.

💫 Imagine reaching and maintaining a healthy weight with ease and less struggle.

💫Imagine being so in tune to your body that you can simply focus on eating what foods suit your body and what works for your body, even if it's a slice of chocolate cake.

💫 Imagine knowing how much to eat, what to eat without guilt, being dictated by the time of day, the weight on the scales, calories, fat, or macros.

💫 Imagine feeling aligned to your inner self and the intuition to guide you on what to eat.

💫 Imagine feeling strong, healthy, happy, and confident.




This includes our thoughts, bodies and the food that we eat. The food we eat has a spiritual effect on our body, mind and soul.  The higher our mind and body vibrate, the more positive energy circulates and if you're putting out that energy then you'll attract it back. The basic rules of law of attraction. 


I call high energy and high vibrating foods Angel foods. These foods nourishes your body and brain and can increase your vibration and energy helping your manifesting power

Law of attraction health is about being aligned with the energy of wellbeing and being in the ease and flow of positive change. Your thoughts become your reality so regardless of whether it's positive or negative, you will manifest it. 


Spiritual nutrition is about being intuitive about what you eat.  Knowing what to eat, when and how without the reliance on how many calories it is, what the fat content is, or the macros split. 

Embrace your health journey, hold that positive energy and vibe, follow your inner guidance and changes will happen much easier and rapidly. Before you know it you're loving yourself and manifested your BEST BODY.

I want you to feel...

 🌸 amazingly confident in YOUR best body


🌸 positive energy and high vibe about your health journey


 🌸 comfortable in your skinny jeans and wear what makes YOU happy

🌸  the ease and flow of maintaining your healthy weight without the struggle

🌸 intuitive about how much to eat and what to eat without guilt, being dictated by the time of day, the weight on the scales, calories, fat, or macros


🌸 spiritually aligned to health 

🌸  strong, healthy, happy, and confident

🌸connected to your inner guidance and embrace manifesting health &  spiritual nutrition journey

And you'll get access to the tools and practices to start your journey with Your BEST BODY Kickstart

I feel honoured to be able to share my expertise and experience to help you on your law or attraction and spiritual health journey and to manifest your dream body.  I have done it and know it’s possible and the positive side effects are also limitless.


I don't believe in coincidences and know you’re reading this for a reason.  Now is the time to make the change, embrace law of attraction and your  spiritual journey, and invest in your health. 


I’m passionate about guiding you through law of attraction and  your spiritual nutrition journey to help you become your healthiest high vibe, spiritual self, effortlessly.



Your BEST BODY KICKSTART runs for 3 weeks.

It is for soul led females who love to manifest their dreams looking to drop the struggle when it comes to their weight and health. 

Your BEST BODY KICKSTART will provide you with the tools, principles and practices to help you manifest your body that you'll love.

The kickstart will take you back to basics and help you clear out what doesn't serve your body or mind.  


Your thoughts becomes your reality. Week 1 is about inner work. Removing and letting go of what does t serve you and holds your back.  There will be tools and practices to help you rewire those pathways in your brain to focus on what you want and how you want to feel. 


The food we feed our body affects our vibration and energy. Week 2 is about your body and the food you feed your body.  We will eliminate those low energy and low vibe foods that keep us stuck.  The foods that cause chemical reactions in our body that halts weight loss, encourages bloating, creates brain fog, and drains our natural energy sources.


High vibing with ease. Week 3 we will focus on helping you align with your soul and what you want.  Your thought and actions can help keep you on that high vibe and glow. At that high energy flow you are open to guidance and that inspired action will help your health journey to be a success.

When your body and mind vibrate higher, that is everything that is needed for positive manifesting. It'll also help you be more conscious, aware and more in tune to your inner guidance.

The kickstart will only be open to a limited number as I want to really focus on working with a small intimate group and help each of you to embrace your manifesting and spiritual nutrition journey. 


There will be a Private Facebook Group where you can confidently share with you and your fellow kickstarters any questions, struggles and successes.

The Facebook group will give you access to:

✨ Weekly LIVE Facebook sessions for 3 weeks, along with Q&A

  ✨ Meditations

 ✨ Daily practices

✨ Delicious recipes 

✨ My expertise and advice for the duration of the kickstart

✨ Accountability and support






'People might be skeptical about their ability to change if they’re by themselves, but a group will convince them to suspend disbelief. A community creates belief'

- The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg -

The Manifesting and Spiritual journey can be a lonely one, especially if your family and friends aren't on the same level of understanding or ready to embrace it yet.  In this community you don't need to hide away and you are free to share your experiences with likeminded law of attraction and spiritual souls.

This program will provide you with the basic tools, principles and practices to help you to kickstart manifesting your best body.


In terms of being part of a community, I have seen first hand with my programs the unbelievable strength that is created through a community, and what can be achieved when that community creates belief.  When you're manifesting, belief is the main part of the puzzle.

Also, the success rate is higher when you are accountable to a group of people.  Having the guidance, structure,  learning & understanding, is what will help change your mindset and support you in manifesting your best health and body.  



The investment to be part of Your BEST BODY Kickstart is £129


Your questions answered…

Why a group environment?  

As well as having my guidance and expertise you also get access to others experiences and ideas from a group of people.  A group environment is brilliant for accountability. You can buddy up with someone for extra support but knowing there is a group to share your struggles and celebrate your successes can really help encourage your progress.


I’m not sure about being in a group and sharing information with strangers

The groups will be restricted to a limited number so you won’t be sharing with masses of people. All the support will be with the same people that start it, so you're all in the same boat. Sometimes being in a group environment with people you don’t know makes it easier for you to share. You will get to know your fellow Angelprenuers over the 4 weeks and may even develop lasting connections.


If you think you would benefit more from working with me 1:1 please get in touch and we can chat through it.


What are the payment options?

It is £129 to enrol in The BEST BODY Kickstart​.  There is a one time special bonus which is  a one of cost of £99

Further questions

If you have a question to ask about Your BEST BODY KICKSTART please join my FREE Facebook Group

'Angels and Avocados' and post your question on there. 


So I am approaching the end of my FIRST RESET week and I am actually flabbergasted at how easy I found it and how amazing I feel without caffeine and everything else.


If you had told me two weeks ago that by having zero coffee, I would feel more awake, more focused, have more energy....I would have laughed in your face! (2 year old who still loves a midnight drink).


I run my own business and of late I have been struggling in the energy and focus area....but this week I have smashed it all out of the park!


I feel excited for the rest of the rest of the program now! Hailey Thomson you’re a blooming genius.

* * * * *

Can’t thank you enough Hailey for coming into my life and giving me the knowledge I needed to kick my bad habits and enjoy nourishing delicious food. Loved being part of this group with your wisdom,help and encouragement. So thank you to each of you. Looking forward to the New Year and haven’t for a few years. With Amanda on learning to love myself and excited to see how the next few months pan out with my new approach. Have a great New Year everyone.

* * * * * 

As some of you may know I love running. Last weekend I ran a 10k and was gob smacked to discover that I was the 1st Lady back in the race. This has never happened to me before, and probably not happen again! Ha! 


However, the noticeable difference is; that when I run in a 10k race I always experience fatigue at around the 7/8k mark. As a result i tend to be just grateful to finish & get a decent time. 


Not this time though, with the change in diet I felt strong & energised throughout the run. The new diet has been a game changer for me, as I’m currently running up to 12 miles without the need for energy gels (packed with sugar!). I’m hoping I can push this further on the seeds and peanut butter I take instead!


My mental health has also seen a change too, as my mood remains consistently upbeat.


I genuinely put it down to the change in my diet ... truly grateful for what Hailey and this group offers. I feel more alive than I have done In a very long time. 

* * * * *

I can’t actually express how much I’ve transformed and how grateful I am!


I caught site of myself in a mirror in a coffee shop yesterday and actually smiled!!! Like properly grinned because I liked what I saw!!!!!! I then went to pizza express for lunch and all I wanted was the giant chicken and goats cheese salad and thoroughly enjoyed it!!!! Total transformation!!!

* * * * * 



About Me 

Hi, I'm Hailey the founder of Your Health Angel and I'm passionate about law of attraction health and a Spiritual Nutrition. I have recently embraced my spiritual journey by weaving it into my business. I connect with my Angels every day and I receive signs from them that keep me guided.  I have found that what I eat really affects my connection with myself, my Angels and the universe.


When I first started my healthy eating business my mission was to encourage people to eat better.  When you eat better you feel better, and when you feel better you are encouraged to make more positive changes in your life. Since embracing my law of attraction and spiritual journey I know my purpose extends to helping spiritual souls drop the struggle when it comes to their health and spiritually align themselves to health.

Before embarking on my spiritual journey I created the healthy eating weight loss programme Diet Disrupter, an online programme that helps to nourish the body, lose excess weight and inches, and focuses on health without following traditional dieting methods. I also developed The BODY RESET Challenge, a 10 day programme that works towards helping to reduce bloating, reclaiming energy, and kickstart weight loss.


I'm the author of 2 Recipes eBooks: Recipe High Five that provides simple, healthy and tasty meals using just 5 key ingredients and in 5 easy to follow steps. Also, I recently launched Healthy Every Day which provides recipes to help you eat well and stay healthy every day.

I'm a certified Nutritional Therapist, Recipe Developer and a Healthy Chef. I love food and I love cooking and regularly provide cooking demonstrations and enjoy live cooking. I was a regular chef on STV's award winning Live At Five lifestyle programme demonstrating how quick and easy my delicious recipes are.


I want to show you that working on getting you best body and eating healthy can done with ease and love and how embracing law of attraction and spiritual nutrition can help enhance your journey.