Do you want to stay in control, enjoy our parties, AND not end up feeling like a stuffed turkey on Christmas Day? 

Learn to recover and rebalance your body before and after each Christmas night out with my PARTY SEASON RESET.

You can still join the December Challenge and stay in control this season.

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Only £19


It might be Party Season but you don’t have to completely go off the wagon and lose your health goals.  This challenge isn’t about being perfect (it's party season after all!).  It’s simply giving your body 3 days every week to help clear out your system and giving it a chance to recover before you hit your next party.  

Join me for 3 days every week (up to Christmas week) I’ll take you on a guided 3 day RESET  every week to help your body to recover from the previous party and help to detox and rebalance your body before the next Christmas night out. 

This will help you to stay in control, enjoy your parties, and also means come January 1st you don’t have an absolutely mountain to climb to get back on track.


The challenge is simple:

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Stick with RESET recipes for 3 days of the week

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Continue on NOURISH recipes for the rest

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Enjoy your Christmas night out


Repeat for 3 weeks

I'll provide the recipes. You stick to the plan.  It's that simple!

Stay in control and join the PARTY SEASON RESET today

Only £19

The PARTY SEASON RESET started on Monday 3rd December, however, there's still time to join. Every week, for 3 weeks I will help you to rebalance your body so that you are ready for your next Christmas night out.

The challenge is worth £89, however you only pay £19 and will receive:

  • Specific PARTY SEASON RESET Guide and Recipes

  • My Healthy Every Day eBook

  • Sample 3 day RESET meal plan each week

  • Shopping lists

  • Weekly emails of support during the challenge

  • Accountability and further support on the Facebook community RESET YOUR DIET 

  • Weekly Live Q&A on RESET YOUR DIET Community 


RESET is all about removing inflammation cause by highly inflammatory food and drinks which will help to remove the bloating, balancing blood sugar levels to help curb cravings, and eliminating stimulants so your body can create it's own natural energy. 


RESETTING your body after a night out will help your body to recover quicker and regulate your hormones enabling your body to function better.



Amanda Craig

I feel healthier and so much more comfortable in my clothes and I could enjoy some Christmas treats and nights out guilt free, knowing how to properly nourish or reset my body in between

Christine Hutcheson

I felt great after reset. My stomach had been very bloated. I felt sluggish, and generally lethargic. Reset changes all that.

Alexis Miller

After day 3 I woke up with no headache, a much clearer head, a natural energy that I can never remember having and a euphoric feeling of health and wellness over all.

About the Challenge Creator

Hi, I'm Hailey the founder of Your Health Angel and I encourage positive changes through healthy eating. When you eat better you feel better, and when you feel better you are encouraged to make more positive changes in your life. 

I am the creator of a healthy eating weight loss programme Diet Disrupter, an online programme that helps to nourish the body, lose excess weight and inches, and focuses on health without following traditional dieting methods. I also developed The BODY RESET Challenge, a 10 day programme that works towards helping to reduce bloating, reclaiming energy, and kickstart weight loss.


I'm the author of 2 Recipes eBooks: Recipe High Five that provides simple, healthy and tasty meals using just 5 key ingredients and in 5 easy to follow steps. Also, I recently launched Healthy Every Day which provides recipes to help you eat well and stay healthy every day.

I'm a certified Nutritional Therapist and a Healthy Chef. I love food and I love cooking and regularly provide cooking demonstrations and enjoy live cooking. I was a regular chef on STV's award winning Live At Five lifestyle programme demonstrating how quick and easy my delicious recipes are. I want to show you that eating healthy can be very simple.