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Master your energy and cultivate the simple foundations to expand and evolve in your life.

Give yourself permission... BE connected to your power, your truth, and your purpose. BELIEVE in yourself, your gifts, your intuition and your path. BECOME your highest self, expand and evolve, and make confident decisions in your life.

Permission to BE LIVE group container

  • An intimate container for 6 souls

  • Over 6 weeks

  • 6 recorded learning videos

  • 6 live group coaching sessions

  • Recorded Meditation

  • Group Voxer Support

Investment: £555 pay in full 

Instalment options:

- 2 instalments of £290

Permission to BE Online Programme

Work through at your own pace with the lifetime access to the recorded learning videos and meditations.

  • 6 recorded learning videos

  • Meditations

  • Additional Bonus of 'Getting into Energetic Alignment' recorded session

Investment: £222 ​

This journey is for you if you:

Section Title

  • don't feel connected to yourself, your power, or your purpose

  • feel responsible for others, always prioritise yourself last and feel guilty for taking time for yourself

  • lack belief in yourself, your gifts, your decisions and always seek evidence or validation from others 

  • feel anxious about taking action in your life and hit freeze mode

  • compromise your own needs, give out and people please others to keep the peace


  •  find it difficult to identify what you want or desire in your own life or business

Are you ready to rise up, lock in more of what you desire in your life and integrate and embody the foundations to transform and align to your highest self.

A 6 week deep healing journey to...

✨  CULTIVATE confidence, self-belief, self-worth, self-love, strong boundaries.

✨ CONNECT to your intuition, spiritual gifts, creativity, power, magnetism, desires, unique energies


✨ COMMUNICATE your truth, creative expression, your story


✨ CALM your nervous system, ego, limiting mindset when flight, fight or freeze mode kicks in when it comes to expanding, growing and evolving 

The Alignment Piece...

Let's be honest,  if you are always in conflict about taking action that could be why you're not breaking through to your next level self.  Taking action is the alignment piece and in doing so to join this group container you will have shifted to 'empowering action taker' energy and you will also learn the foundations to help you take more empowered actions moving forward. 


Usually resistance to taking action is down to confidence, self- value, self-worth, imposter syndrome, mindset, etc.  Learning the practices and integrate them on a consistent basis will help you to consistently evolve and grow in your life.

Create new empowering beliefs about yourself, your ability and your gifts and give yourself permission to BE the aligned action taker.

Image by Kid Circus

When you make that commitment... will be held in the magical collective energy of other souls who have taken the step in their deep healing journey to give themselves Permission to BE and create the proximity to BECOME the best versions of themselves. 

The energy that each individual brings to this group is special...creating a unique circle of your collective energies.  The commitment made as a group has the power to amplify your inner magic through mirroring, discovering your hidden pieces and shadows as the others reflect them back to you, so the transformation potential is rapid.  

You also benefit from the energetic slip steam created from the unique energies of this group, propelling you forward to growth and expansion.

Permission to BE (2).png

Giving myself PERMISSION has shifted the energy and trajectory of my life...


My biggest expansion has been my self-belief.  My belief in myself has previously held me back, stopped me taking action, and nearly crippled my business. Self-belief has been the toughest and longest ongoing lesson in this lifetime for me and I know it will continue.


What was I actually doubting?


Belief in me, my power, my spiritual gifts, my ability. Belief that I was deserving and worthy of receiving love, abundance, and support.


I was my own self fulfilling prophecy as I believed that I was the only one on this earth that held that massive struggle. That I couldn't achieve, expand, grow and have great things happen to me. And that is exactly what the Universe brought to me.

I lacked so much confidence that I consistently looked for evidence, seeking external validation, felt insecure in my relationships.  I feared speaking up and taking action so I never did.  I fell silent and developed crippling imposter syndrome. 

I over gave on my time and energy to everyone else and forgot about myself. I felt guilty about doing anything for myself but resented everyone else for it when I felt energetically drained. 

Learning to believe in myself, deep healing and unpicking the stories and conditioning I had created has helped me to cultivate confidence, self-love, and self-worth.  It has helped me to trust myself and connect with my power, my gifts, and my ability. 

For me, mastering these energies have been the solid foundations that has helped me to expand in my life, nurture strong relationships and evolve and grow my business with confidence.

Are you ready to give yourself Permission to BE...?


If you’re fully committed to rising and transforming your life, learning the foundations to cultivate success in your life and in your business, then this container is for you. 


Be prepared to challenge your way of being, heal at a deep level, and connect back to the true essence of who you are.  

Are you ready to jump in?


What do you want Permission to BE?

I feel like I've come 'home' and I'm safe to speak my truth out loud, without fear. I've created a whole new me by working on my self-image, self-worth, addressing negative habits that created blocks in my life and now recognising how conditioned I was. 

Client Love 

I'm becoming who I was always meant to be and I love myself for it.

' and business opportunities have opened up to me and everything seems easy, as it is's all flowing effortlessly'

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