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My easy to follow recipe eBook is packed with delicious and nutrious ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner along with my kitchen hacks and so much more!  Healthy eating has never been easier.

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In this busy modern world we live in, it can be difficult to find the time to prepare a healthy and tasty meal that fits the whole family. We don't have time for huge shopping lists or complicated recipes.


That's why I have done all the hard work and planning for you with my Recipe High Five Ebook. 

I have simplified some great family favourites to make it easier for you in the kitchen using every day ingredients.

'It is so simple and easy to follow. A basic set of cupboard essentials are suggested - add an extra 5 ingredients and every meal will taste delicious without the fuss of buying a new spice rack. The recipes are simple, clear, easy to follow, ready in no time at all and unbelievably tasty!  If you want hassle free, delicious easy to follow recipes - buy this book!' 

Jacqueline Marshall  

  • Easy to prepare

  • Simple to follow

  • Meals for all the family

  • FIVE ingredients

  • FIVE easy to follow steps 

  • Fab fakeaways too

  • Only £7.99

It really is that simple to make a healthy, nutritious, and tasty meal for the whole family!  




Feta Omelette


Parmesan Pork Meatballs


“The Recipe High Five eBook is fab, easy 5 ingredient 5 step recipes. In fact the recipes are so adaptable, you can use a different meat /veg and it'll still taste delicious. My 1year old daughter enjoys the meals as much as we do. The ingredients are all natural without using artificial flavouring or refined sugars, this applies to all the baking recipes too! Great if you're trying to cut out refined sugar from your diet. This is a little gem of a book and I can't believe what you get for the price of it!!”  


“This has to be without a doubt the best recipe book I've bought! It's so straightforward and quick that the kids can help too! Everything can be picked up in the supermarket and there are no weird and wonderful ingredients. Love love love it. Fantastic value for money!!! Hailey, keep doing what you're doing!!!”  


'I love the concept of simple, easy, quick, and heathy recipes that I can adapt to my own tastes. It’s cheap to make and any extras are easily frozen for later'  

Janette Nellie    

'I enjoy that the recipes are adaptable to suit me as for health reasons I've eliminated dairy from my diet' 


Emma Williamson

'It is so easy to follow and not too 'full on' so I wasn't put off. It didn't sound like just another diet plan' 

Lynsey Jackson  

Start your journey to a healthier, happier and more sustainable you. My recipes have been tried and tested. It's easy, straightforward and won't cost you the earth in the supermarket. 


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