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ARE YOU READY for a different approach to feeling fabulous, losing the bloat, feeling lighter, having clearer healthy skin, and gaining incredible energy and clarity in your life.


Learn to LOVE your health journey and feel the difference that it makes when you approach it from a different energy level. 

Join me for a GROUP ENERGY HEALING SESSION on Sunday 21st June at 8pm as we harness the energy of June's new moon to help you to release blocked energy, creating space for you to bring in health and wellbeing.

I will then guide and support you on a 5 DAY BODY RESET to help you to press the reset button, eliminating the foods that impact the natural energy flow of your body. 

If lockdown has been tough on you then now is the time to release what no longer serves you and reclaim your energy and your health.


The NEW MOON is all about releasing and letting go of: lower energies, negative patterns, toxic thoughts and habits.  It's the perfect opportunity for a clean slate when it comes to your health.

Whether you believe it or not the energies of the new moon and other astrological shifts affect you.  Have you been feeling out off sorts more than usual recently, has your sleep has been disturbed, are you having very real and weird dreams? Do you have an urge to create change.


That is all astrological energy. By resisting change you are blocking your path to success and to receive change and transformation.  

The new moon can help shine light on our darkness and shadows and helps us to heal, shift blocks and shed the past.

The new moon on Sunday 21st June is pretty special as it is also a SOLAR ECLIPSE, which is an ideal time for a fresh start, providing you with additional energy to help you live more with intention rather than habit.

If you have been feeling stuck but ready for a kickstart then this is the perfect opportunity to boost your health and realign your energy for a happier and healthier life.


When your body is running on low vibrational and low energy foods it dulls your senses and your intuition, and blocks your clarity.

It makes you feel bloated, your skin suffers and you struggle with aches and pains.

You can't see the bigger picture and you feel heavy, foggy, and energetically drained.

During the 5 DAY BODY RESET I will guide you to eliminate those low vibrational and low energy foods that can cause havoc in your body and replace them with nutrient dense, nourishing and high vibrational foods.

If you are ready to take control of your health and want to feel alive and energised, and clear space for your thoughts, inspiration, clarity and intuition to flow then this is the programme for you.

Resetting your body will help you to identify:

✔️ any food intolerances you weren’t aware of 

✔️ foods that are a low vibrational match to your body

✔️ foods that are aligned to you and give you that high energy & clarity

✔️ a way of eating that positively impacts your body

...and in the process reap the health benefits that come from eating high vibrational foods you are aligned to that change how you look and feel.

Clearing out your system will help you to:

✔️reset your palate from all the processed and junk foods

✔️release the attachment to false energy sources such as caffeine and sugar

✔️tune in to yourself and identify what ‘YOUR BODY’ needs

✔️eat intuitively with the focus of nourishing your body rather than out of habit


Are you ready to kickstart your health transformation?


💟 Group Energy Healing Session on Sunday 21st June at 8pm via Zoom. Recording available for those who can't make it live.

💟 5 Day Body Reset Guide (slay Five to Thrive)


💟 Breakfast, lunch, dinner and snack recipes, 5 day suggested plan, shopping list to support you through the 5 day.

💟 Access to the RELEASE & RESET Private Facebook group to you provide you with a safe space to hold you accountable