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The Angel Club is a safe spiritual space where you will be supported on your spiritual growth and where you can experience all the special spiritual shizzle that no-one around you understands. 


If you’ve started on your spiritual journey and feel the shift in your energy but feel confused, a little lost and unsure on how to further develop and grow then this Membership Group is for you.


If you’re new to the spiritual journey and are open to learning and experiencing the love and light of embarking on such a journey then this Membership Group is for you.  


Your Spiritual Gurus, Hailey and Louise, will hold space and support you to learn, grow, heal and be guided. You will be amongst incredible members on the exact same journey as you.

A safe space for you to share your experiences and ask questions without any judgement. 

The Angel Club will provide you with:

  • Monthly Live Group Meditation Healing Sessions

  • Monthly Live Angel Card Readings 

  • Understanding of your energy systems

  • How to protect and clear your energy 

  • Angel Card of the week

  • Spirit Guide Messages

  • Spiritual Nutrition Tips

  • Understanding the role of Archangels 

…and many more 

Low monthly subscription
Monthly membership of only £11pcm.  Subscription payments will be taken automatically every month. Can be cancelled at any time. 

All members must be over 18 years. If you are blessed with youthful looks, please don't be offended if we ask for date of birth!