The Great Unravel

Imagine 6 months from now celebrating your BECOMING with a 2 day all inclusive expansive Spiritual Retreat as you confidently step into your highest magical self.

For those who seek further expansion in life, business, and spiritually it is absolutely possible for you to break through your current upper limit.


But, the world has tried to indoctrinate you with the conditions of success and what that looks like... that you have to follow particular rules, strategies, hardships etc but I know you are more dynamic than that.  Let me show you how powerful you are through unlearning these conditions and manifest success on your terms. 


By doing so you create space to allow yourself to integrate the truth that is in alignment with your growth and who you are.

Unbecoming is a 6 month hybrid group container for souls who are experiencing rapid growth and seeking further expansion in their life, business, or spirituality. 

For those who want to connect and embody YOUR power, passion, and purpose and live your life unapologetically and create a sustainable authentic business that makes you money on your terms.


But society has taught that to achieve that you need to hustle harder, create stricter strategies, and sacrifice time, health, relationships to do so. You recognise that isn't the path for you.

And, you are right to trust your intuition as you hold your own unique blueprint for your greatest expansive self.  So,  let me show you how to connect to your power so you can activate that.

UNBECOMING is a hybrid of monthly powerful group teachings, bespoke 1:1 sessions and Energy healing & alignment sessions. There will also be group Voxer access for sharing and accountability.  We then celebrate your rebirth, your BECOMING journey with a 2 day in-person Spiritual Retreat in beautiful Scotland in May 2022.

This journey is for you if:

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  • You have invested in your self development and spiritual growth and you are ready to embrace more because you are expanding so rapidly.

  • You want to break through your current upper limit to your next up level but you want to learn in a way that is in energetic alignment with you rather than hustling harder, working longer hours, or sacrificing your time, health, family etc

  • You know you have the channel and blueprint to take yourself to that next up level of life, business, spirituality and you want to be shown how to activate it.


  • You are ready your life and business to be easy and to do it in a way that suits your lifestyle and family life, not the other way around.

  • You have invested in coaches before but focusing on more strategy and planning feels out of alignment with you.

  • You're questioning the society narrative on what success is,  the hardship that success requires and you aren't available any more for sacrificing yourself when receiving big.


  • You are ready to implement a new way of being and be connected to your power, passion and creative expression

Encouraging your powerful expansion and next level growth through 


Experience the collective energies of  Group 'unlearning' sessions. Every month focusing on unpicking a specific topic and how to integrate into your life and business to up level and grow

On a Laptop


1:1 sessions to provide you with bespoke and individualised  guidance to reinforce  your  unique journey.

Healing Stones


Group online Hot Seat Healing Sessions for monthly energetic alignments and spiritual upgrades

There will also be group Voxer for ongoing accountability and support 

Image by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič

This journey will allow space for you to unravel and create expansion.  You will:

✨  Break through your upper limit to your next up level and modelling that into your life and business.


✨ Interrupt and disrupt your behaviours and habits and create expansive thought patterns and aligned action to give you the results in your business

✨  Connect to your own intuition, power and truth and strengthen that trust in your inner knowing to guide you to growth in your life and business


✨ Have awareness of masculine and feminine energies, identify what your default energy is, and how to bring that into balance for success in your life and business


✨  Create conscious expansive energy in your life and determine where you subconsciously attune to the frequency of lack and manifest poor business results

✨ Awaken your abundance and wealth consciousness to allow prosperity to flow to you

✨  Energy mastery for life and business and understanding your energy cycles 

✨ Confidently take empowered and aligned action to welcome in the up levelled life, business, and spiritual gifts that you truly desire.


✨  Identify with your own unique blueprint and let that guide you on your path of success, joy and expansion in life and business.

The Retreat...

What better way to celebrate your journey of BECOMING than with a 2 day all inclusive indulgently expansive in-person Spiritual Retreat. 


Along with the small intimate group you have journeyed with, you will be fully initiated into who you truly want to be and confidently bring your desires to reality in your life and business


Experiencing the natural beauty of Scotland, staying in cottage vibe surroundings, near loch side location, and enjoying sunset reflections.

With plenty of time for releasing, relaxing, reenergising your abundant SELF.

Taking magical moments to fully embody your new way of being and doing.


To honour yourself. To observe your growth. To commend being connected with your inner power, truth and highest self. 

It will be a perfect way to wrap up your 6 month journey 

Image by Jared Rice

When you make that commitment for expansion...


...you will be joined by the incredible energy of other beautiful souls who are also empowered to embark on this incredible journey of breaking through their upper level and connecting back to their power, passion and purpose to guide them.

The collective energy of growth is powerful when you experience the slip stream that can help carry you forward on your journey. 


If you’re ready to fully connect, integrate and embody your truth, power and higher self apply now to join my journey of UNBECOMING!

6 month group hybrid container:

✨ Powerful monthly group learning sessions

✨ Monthly dynamic 1:1 sessions

✨ Monthly Energy Healing & Alignment Sessions

✨ Direct access to me via group Voxer (Mon-Fri)

✨ 2 day all inclusive Spiritual Retreat in May 2022

✨ Free access to any online Workshops or Masterclasses

Investment: £5,000 PIF 

Divine offer: Discount of £500 

Until Sun 7th Nov: £4,500 PIF or 6 instalments of £750 (extended payment plan of 9 instalments of only £500)

Let's chat! 


Hiu Yu and I had been Instagram friends for a while, when I finally decided to take action and started working with her. 

After my first session I was so blown away, it took me about 3/4 days to process what had happened and to try to make sense of my feelings with what I had experienced that afternoon.


Four months later, I am in awe with the changes in my life and the circumstances that have been created. Love and business opportunities have opened up to me and everything just seems easy, as if it’s all flowing effortlessly.


I’ve always felt an unexplained pull to particular things in my life and now it has so much clarity.


I truly believe our sessions helped me to understand and heal where I hadn’t let go of trauma - whether that was in a past life or present. It helped me understand who I am and why I behave in certain ways.


I feel like I’ve come “home” and I’m safe to speak these thoughts aloud, without fear. 

I’ve created a whole new me by working on my self-image, addressing negative habits that created blocks in my life and now recognising how conditioned I was.


I’m becoming who I was always meant to be- and I love myself for it!