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Everything around us is energy, this includes the food that we eat. There are energies in food that go beyond calories, macro and micro nutrients that will help you achieve vibrant health and wellbeing.

Foods that aren't aligned to your body's energy will create a low vibration making you feel tired, fatigued, and affect your mood. Join me in my Food & Energy Workshop where you will learn the high vibrational foods that will help to nourish your body, feed your brain, and also energise your soul. 

Eating foods with the intention of nourishing and healing your body takes the pressure and focus off food as an aid to lose weight.  When you eat in this way you take away the fear and the restrictions, and you eat in a way that is intuitive to you.  

We lose that sense of intuition and instead get of listening to ourselves we get guided by society.  As part of the Workshop I will do a Group Healing Session that helps you to reconnect with yourself and empower you to make decisions about your health with positive intention.